Shaping new psychosocial support services

Tasmanians with severe, episodic mental illness have the chance to shape new support services designed to help them meet the demands of daily life. 

Primary Health Tasmania has received new Australian Government funding under the PHN Program for psychosocial support services to improve the health of Tasmanians with mental illnesses that are serious, but don’t permanently reduce their day-to-day functioning. 

This means the person may be able to manage things like work, relationships and money, but need short-term assistance when their illness intensifies. 

To make sure the new services meet people’s needs, Primary Health Tasmania has opened an online survey specifically designed to find out what support measures help people get through their tougher times. 

The consumer survey wants to find out what barriers to existing services the person may have encountered, as well what typically contributes to their illness disrupting their daily life and wellbeing. 

Surveys have also been created to capture valuable feedback from carers, GPs and social service and mental health care providers, with focus groups also scheduled to take place. 

The surveys are online at, and are open until 14 September.

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