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Primary Health Matters Issue 13 November 2020

Primary Health Matters

In this issue:

  • GP-led respiratory clinics: A key piece of the COVID-19 puzzle
  • Primary Health Tasmania’s commissioned providers and COVID-19
  • Preparing for COVID-19 with reliable health intelligence
  • Equipping primary healthcare providers with Tasmanian face shields
  • Streamlining COVID-19 information with Tasmanian HealthPathways
  • Helping Tasmanian community organisations stay safe, and connected
  • Community in profile: Launceston
  • Finding hope in the stories of others
  • Strengthening suicide prevention in Tasmanian pharmacies
  • Helping people help themselves overcome substance dependence
  • Bringing referrals back from ‘fax heaven’ with Tasmania’s eReferral system
  • The Tasmanian dementia village that’s an Australian first
  • Get to know: Associate Professor Dr Louise Stone.