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Tasmania’s four GP-led respiratory clinics now open

Posted on May 5, 2020

Primary Health Tasmania has supported the establishment of four GP-led respiratory clinics across Tasmania as part of our role in the Australian Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The clinics — located in Devonport, St Helens, Launceston and Hobart — are now open to see, test, and treat the 80 per cent of people with coronavirus (otherwise known as COVID-19) who experience mild to moderate symptoms.

The idea is that they’ll help both the state’s hospitals and other general practices: the hospitals can keep their facilities free to see those with more severe symptoms, and GPs can keep seeing their usual patients who do not have respiratory symptoms to help reduce the spread of disease.

If you have these symptoms, you are encouraged to call your usual GP to discuss your options — or you can make an appointment yourself with the nearest GP-led respiratory clinic, or call the Public Health Hotline (1800 671 738).

We’ve prepared more information, including contact information and posters explaining what happens at the clinics — you can pick between the two options below for find out more.