Commissioning health services

At its simplest, commissioning means planning and buying services to meet the health needs of local populations.

It involves understanding local priority issues and buying appropriate services to address those issues in the most effective and efficient way.

Primary Health Tasmania is funded by the Australian Government to commission services designed to improve the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians across a range of priority areas.

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Our commissioning model

Primary Health Tasmania’s commissioning model involves four phases in a cyclical process:

  • Assessing needs – understanding what local communities need and working out the local priorities we can address based on this information
  • Designing solutions – working with others to identify the most efficient and effective ways we can address the identified priorities
  • Implementing solutions – procuring quality health services and initiatives and proactively working with providers to monitor performance and progress
  • Evaluating outcomes – assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of services and initiatives to inform priorities for future investment in successive commissioning cycles.

Primary Health Tasmania’s commissioning is focused on ensuring outcomes for local communities and populations –  not just delivering activity.

Our tenders

Service providers can keep up-to-date with our latest tenders by registering on our eTender portal.

We use this portal to advertise new tenders, requests for quotes and expressions of interest; distribute tender documents; respond to questions about tenders; receive tender applications; and evaluate and select bids.

Read more on our tenders page.

Commissioned services

Primary Health Tasmania currently commissions services in the following areas:

  • Aboriginal health and wellbeing
  • after-hours care
  • aged care
  • alcohol and other drug treatment
  • chronic condition management (including specifically in rural areas)
  • mental health
  • suicide prevention.

Go to Our Services Portal for details of these services.

Information for commissioned providers

Commissioned providers are required to acknowledge Primary Health Tasmania support in key written documents and at certain events.

Guidance documents are available below, and our communications team is available to provide further advice.

Commissioned providers are also encouraged to use our portal to gather and record information about how people experience and perceive the services they provide. More information is available here.

If you have a query, speak to your contract manager or get in touch with us on 1300 653 169 or by email.