My Health Record

My Health Record is an online summary of a person’s significant health information. You control what goes into your record, and who is allowed to access it. It enables you to share your health information with doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers from anywhere, any time.

Healthcare providers such as GPs, specialists and pharmacists can add clinical documents about your health to your record. This includes:

• an overview of your health uploaded by your doctor, called a Shared Health Summary. This is a useful reference for new doctors or other healthcare providers that you visit
• hospital discharge summaries
• reports from test and scans, like blood tests
• medications that your doctor has prescribed to you
• referral letters from your doctors.

Every Australian who didn’t choose to opt out has now been given a My Health Record.

Are you a health professional? Click here for My Health Record information for health professionals.

How will I benefit from having a My Health Record?

  • your important healthcare information will be available in one place online, easily accessible by your authorised doctors, specialists or hospitals
  • in a medical emergency, healthcare providers can see your health information to provide you the best possible care quickly
  • you won’t need to worry about having to remember and repeat your or your child’s health history with different or new healthcare providers
  • you can control who sees what information in your My Health Record
  • your privacy will be respected
  • you can view your information securely online if you’re travelling, or have moved interstate.

What is Primary Health Tasmania’s role in the My Health Record expansion?

Primary Health Networks (PHNs) across the country are supporting the community as well as healthcare providers including general practice, pharmacists, specialist and allied health professionals by raising awareness about the national expansion.

How do I register for a My Health Record?

You can register for a My Health Record online at any time. You can also register in writing, by phone (1800 723 471) or in person.

How do I access My Health Record?

You can access your My Health Record from any compatible computer or mobile device with an internet connection, as well as using authorised mobile apps.

Who else can access the information in My Health Record?

Only authorised healthcare providers involved with your care have access to your My Health Record.

You can choose to enable extra restrictions in your record, including which healthcare providers can access your record and flag certain documents as ‘limited access’ to control who can view them.

My Health Record also keeps a log of every access to your record, which you can view any time.