Connecting care

One of the main aims of primary health networks around Australia – including Primary Health Tasmania – is to improve coordination of care to ensure people get the right care in the right place at the right time.

We promote these values when striving to make a person’s health journey as seamless as possible:

  • person-centred care: health care that puts consumers at the centre of health decisions, and respects and responds to their needs and values
  • streamlined care: improving transfers of care between acute, primary care and aged care services.

Our commissioned activity

Primary Health Tasmania has commissioned care coordination services in the following programs:

For specific details of these funded services, including contact information and eligibility requirements, visit Our Services Portal.

Supporting Tasmanians mothers through pregnancy

Expectant mothers – and the health professionals guiding them through pregnancy – often have to keep track of a suite of appointments, results and other important health information.

So how do you track those valuable insights, to ensure a woman’s GP, obstetrician and family members can provide seamlessly shared care?

The answer: The GP Antenatal Shared Care Pregnancy Record.

“It helps me when I come home, to have something physical to look back on,” Launceston local Sarah Simms, who used the little pink booklet to document her second pregnancy, says.

Read Sarah’s story here.

Shared transfer of care

Shared transfer of care supports people to move safely through the different levels and types of services in our health system.

Read more about Shared Transfer of Care.


Primary Health Tasmania has developed the following consumer resources to support coordinated care:

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