Digital health

Digital health can be defined as “electronically connecting up points of care so that health information can be shared securely”.

At Primary Health Tasmania, it’s considered one of the foundations to increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and coordination of patient care.

My Health Record

My Health Record is a secure online summary of a person’s significant health information that provides a single system through which information such as allergies, medical conditions, treatments and test or scan reports can be accessed.

Tasmanian Health Directory

The Tasmanian Health Directory is Primary Health Tasmania’s online health directory that helps health professionals connect with their peers and services available across Tasmania.


Primary Health Tasmania is working with the Tasmanian Health Service and Department of Health to establish a single system to support electronic patient referral – otherwise known as eReferral – across primary care and into hospital outpatients.

This integrated tool will allow:

  • standardisation and centralisation of referral templates
  • easy access to information on appropriate referral pathways
  • secure and timely transmission of referral information across the entire spectrum of health care services.

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Electronic transfer of prescriptions

Electronic transfer of prescriptions (eTP) describes describes the safe and secure transfer of prescription information between a prescriber (such as a doctor, specialist and so on) and a community pharmacy using an electronic system known as a Prescription Exchange Service (PES).

Find out more about eTP, and how to enable it at your practice.

Digital Health Guide

The Digital Health Guide is a free online database that provides up-to-date information on a large number of commonly used digital health solutions –mobile health apps and digital health communities.

Primary Health Tasmania supported the development of the Digital Health Guide and has purchased a licence for all Tasmanian health professionals to use the guide until March 2020.

The Digital Health Guide uses the same login and password as Tasmanian HealthPathways.

Don’t know the login? Contact us to request it.