Digital health

Digital health can be defined as “electronically connecting up points of care so that health information can be shared securely”.

At Primary Health Tasmania, it’s considered one of the foundations to increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and coordination of patient care.

Our digital health strategy

Primary Health Tasmania’s Digital Health Strategy 2022-25 provides a contemporary guide for our digital health investment and activity in Tasmania, and documents our key priorities to 2025 in the context of the
Australian and Tasmanian digital health strategies.

This strategy provides a mechanism to standardise our organisation’s approach to digital health and communicate our vision, role and priorities with organisations we support and system partners.

Click here to read the strategy. Click here for a one-page summary of the strategy.

My Health Record

My Health Record is a secure online summary of a person’s significant health information that provides a single system through which information such as allergies, medical conditions, treatments and test or scan reports can be accessed.

Tasmanian Health Directory

The Tasmanian Health Directory is Primary Health Tasmania’s online health directory that helps health professionals connect with their peers and services available across Tasmania.


Primary Health Tasmania is working with the Tasmanian Health Service and Tasmanian Department of Health to establish a single system to support electronic patient referral – otherwise known as eReferral – across primary care and into hospital outpatients.

eReferrals are a way to send secure, electronic referral communication between primary health care providers, hospitals, specialists and allied health practitioners.

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Teach-back video tutorials

Teach-back is a simple conversational tool used to check client understanding. Using teach-back can help your clients self-manage their health and make informed decisions about their health care. Teach-back is not a test of the clients’ knowledge; it’s a test of how well you have communicated.

Primary Health Tasmania commissioned TasCOSS to develop two educational videos about using the teach-back method during telehealth consultations:

Provider Connect Australia

Provider Connect Australia is an efficient way to update the business details of healthcare organisations and healthcare providers working within them. Click here to read more.

Electronic transfer of prescriptions

Electronic transfer of prescriptions (eTP) describes describes the safe and secure transfer of prescription information between a prescriber (such as a doctor, specialist and so on) and a community pharmacy using an electronic system known as a Prescription Exchange Service (PES).

Find out more about eTP, and how to enable it at your practice.

PHN Exchange

The PHN Exchange has been developed as a portal to share data and data related resources with the Tasmanian health community. The portal shows aggregated data by local government area from a variety of sources and the resources section provides a one-stop-shop to a wealth of data tools and websites.

The PHN Exchange also allows general practices sharing data with Primary Health Tasmania under the Primary Health Information Network (PHIN) to access their practice data report. This part of the exchange is not publicly accessible and general practices must register to access this information.

If you are a general practice, share data under the PHIN program and don’t yet have access to your practice data report let us know by emailing and we can assist you.