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Getting ‘Palliative Care Prepared’ – what GPs need to know about the Tasmanian Core Medicines List

Getting ‘Palliative Care Prepared’ – what GPs need to know about the Tasmanian Core Medicines List
Facilitated by:
Primary Health Tasmania
Ella Van Tienen - PSA State Manager, TAS
Angus Thompson - Pharmacist Clinical Editor, Primary Health Tasmania
Dr Emily Ingram - GP Clinical Editor, Primary Health Tasmania
Date and time:
Thursday 7 December 2023 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Online via Zoom

Primary Health Tasmania (PHT)  and The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) are working together to provide associated training for doctors and pharmacists introducing them to Community Pharmacies in Palliative Care (ComPPaCT).

ComPPaCT – is a multiphase project to support delivery of palliative care services in the community in Tasmania. A key group of stakeholders have agreed on a Core Medicines List to support palliative care patients to stay home for as long as possible at end of life. To support this pharmacies are being asked to sign up to always keep these medicines in stock so people can find them when they need them.

This session will introduce ComPPaCT  and the core list of palliative medicines which is available in pharmacies to support people in the community. Palliative Care Prepared Pharmacies always keep these medicines in stock, so people can find what they need when they need them, to help them to stay at home as long as possible. The session will also include a clinical education component that will address the role of anticipatory prescribing in palliative care and the barriers and facilitators to this way of prescribing. This interactive session will provide practical details of how this can work in practice.

This is a CPD-approved activity, which will include 1.5 hours of Educational Activities.

The learning objectives covered in this event are:

  1. Summarise the ComPPaCT project and describe how the service can support better access to medications for palliative care.
  2. Discuss which medicines are included in the core medications for palliative care list.
  3. Identify the role and recognise the barriers and facilitators of anticipatory prescribing in palliative care.
  4. Understand which resources can be utilised to support GPs, including how to access the Tasmanian HealthPathways and ways to use this clinical tool to support assessment, management, and referral pathways for palliative care.

Speaker information:

Ella Van Tienen is the State Manager of PSA in Tasmania. Throughout her career as a pharmacist, she has worked in a range of roles, many focused on improving the safe and effective use of medicines, including as an Educational Visitor for NPS MedicineWise, consultant pharmacist in aged care, and roles in hospital and community pharmacy settings and academia.

Angus Thompson is Primary Health Tasmania’s Pharmacist Clinical Editor, working closely with our GP Clinical Editors and SMEs on the medication content within our HealthPathways. Angus trained in the UK, working primarily in hospital and general practice pharmacist roles before relocating to Tasmania in 2008. Alongside his role at Primary Health Tasmania, Angus works as a Consultant Clinical Pharmacist conducting home medicines review in southern Tasmania, as a Lecturer in Therapeutics and Pharmacy Practice at the University of Tasmania and as a subject matter expert for the Australian Pharmacy Council.

Dr Emily Ingram is a GP clinical editor for the Tasmanian Health Pathways at Primary Health Tasmania. Emily also works as a GP at Northern Midlands Medical Services and Family Planning Tasmania. 

For more information about the project please visit: https://www.health.tas.gov.au/health-topics/palliative-care/palliative-care-information-health-professionals/community-pharmacies-palliative-care-tasmania-comppact