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Optimising patient health to improve surgical/procedural outcomes

Optimising Health Outcomes
Facilitated by:
Primary Health Tasmania
Dr. Tracy-Lee Jansen - Staff Specialist Anaesthetist, Tasmanian Health Service
Date and time:
Tuesday 7 May - 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Online via Zoom
GPs and Anaesthetists working in Tasmania

Primary Health Tasmania and Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) welcome GP colleagues and anaesthetists to an opportunity for open conversations on patients awaiting surgery. The “wait list” has the potential to be a “preparation List” to optimize patient health while awaiting procedures. The session will address key topics such as determining medical fitness for surgery, implementing strategies to enhance fitness, navigating challenges in patient management and communication, and exploring the perioperative care framework recommended by ANZCA. Additionally, attendees will gain insights into new initiatives within the perioperative space at RHH, fostering a comprehensive approach to patient care and management.

The learning objectives covered in this event are:

  • Articulate the role of the GP in optimising patients prior to surgery and minimising the risk of and management of perioperative complications¬†
  • Understand the co-morbidities that contribute to surgical risk, recovery, and adverse outcomes¬†
  • Understand pre-admission guidelines to stabilise or optimise preoperative health problems¬†
  • Determine ways to best communicate and educate patients and their carers about surgical risk and fitness for surgery

Speaker information:

Dr Tracy-Lee Jansen is an anaesthetic consultant and co-lead for the Pre-Admission Clinic (PAC) at the RHH with an interest in perioperative medicine. She completed the Monash University Masters of perioperative medicine as well as a perioperative medicine fellowship at Fiona Stanley Hospital (Perth, WA). She is working towards the ANZCA Diploma of perioperative medicine. She has most recently come to the Royal Hobart Hospital from New Zealand, having worked on various preassessment clinic projects such as optimising older patients for surgery (working with geriatrics) and a lifestyle optimisation project which combined prehabilitation with modifying lifestyle behaviours to optimise patient outcomes.

Pre-reading/ Resources: