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Spectrum GP training in mental health

Untangling the interactions between complex trauma, personality disorder and neurodiversity
Facilitated by:
Primary Health Tasmania
Delivered by Spectrum
Associate Professor Sathya Rao - Psychiatrist & Executive Clinical Director, Spectrum
Dr Lukas Cheney - Deputy Clinical Director, Spectrum
Date and time:
Day 1 Thursday 15 February 2024 from 6:15 to 9:30pm
Day 2 Friday 16 February 2024 from 6:15 to 9:30pm
RACV Hobart Hotel, 154-156 Collins St, Hobart TAS
General Practioners working in Tasmania

Untangling the interactions between complex trauma, personality disorder and neurodiversity

This workshop aims to build the confidence and capacity of GPs to support people with complex trauma related mental health conditions. In many cases, individuals may receive multiple diagnoses that reflect different symptoms or aspects of the trauma. Understanding and addressing the underlying trauma is essential for effective treatment and recovery from these mental health challenges.

The training will focus on the interaction between complex PTSD, personality disorder, and neurodiversity. The purpose of this training is to enhance GP understanding of complex trauma and associated diagnoses, neurodiverse disorders, and personality disorders. This training will provide tools to recognise presenting symptoms, understand the core principles of care and implement therapeutic psychological strategies.

This event will meet the accreditation requirements for RACGP and General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration (GPMHSC) Level 2 Provider of Focused Psychological Strategies.

This workshop will be delivered over 2 nights face to face with an online session to follow on Friday 21 June 2024.

Please note that Primary Health Tasmania are sharing registration details with the training provider Spectrum to ensure that CPD is applied.

*This is a limited capacity workshop, so please register as soon as possible to secure a place*

Learning topics covered:

  • recognise the evidence-based treatments available for people with complex trauma
  • develop crisis/safety plans with their patients,
  • utilise an appropriate risk assessment tool to support their patients,
  • support families and carers of people with complex trauma

Speaker information:

Associate Professor Sathya Rao is a psychiatrist and the Executive Clinical Director of Spectrum Personality Disorder Service. He is the Vice President of the Australian BPD Foundation. He is also an adjunct clinical associate professor at Monash University. Dr Rao is involved in clinical research and has published research papers, contributed chapters and co-authored books on borderline personality disorder. He was a member of the NHMRC Clinical Practice Guidelines development committee, 2012. He has taught clinicians across Australia and was the head of psychiatry training program of Victoria for the RANZCP previously. He is involved in treating complex personality disorder patients and provides second opinions and secondary consultations for complex clinical conditions associated with personality disorders. He was the recipient of the 2020 Meritorious Award of the Victorian Branch of RANZCP. In recognition of his contributions to psychiatry he received the award of the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) (General Division) in June 2022.

Dr Lukas Cheney is the Deputy Clinical Director at Spectrum. He has training in Dialectal Behaviour Therapy and Mentalization Based Therapy and has a keen interest in research to improve our understanding of personality and associated disorders. In his work at Spectrum, Dr Cheney is involved in the most complex cases of personality disorder from across Victoria and to mental health services seeking consultation around Australia. Dr Cheney is a strong believer in a stepped care model of treatment for personality disorder and the idea that, with the right knowledge, any mental health clinician can engage therapeutically with a person living with personality disorder.