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The ISLAND Clinic: Early assessment and diagnosis of cognitive impairment

The ISLAND Clinic: early assessment and diagnosis of cognitive impairment
Dr Katharine Salmon, Dr Jane Alty (neurologist), Dr Alison Cleary (Geriatrician) and Scott McDonald (neuropsychologist)
Date & Time:
Wednesday 10 February 2021 6.30pm-8.00pm
Online (Zoom)

This event will introduce The ISLAND Clinic, a bulk billed diagnostic interdisciplinary clinic that will be associated with research and available to all Tasmanians with suspected cognitive impairment. The clinic has been developed by the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre.

This clinic has been established to provide timely assessment and diagnosis of cognitive symptoms and develop a management plan for the client/carer and GP. The benefits of a timely diagnosis include planning, access to support services, advice regarding driving, modifying risk factors, potential treatment options, future planning and opportunities to take part in research studies. 

The Australian Dementia Network (ADNeT) has developed a national clinical quality registry, cognitive clinics, and clinical trials network. The ISLAND clinic will form part of this nationwide cognitive clinic group. 

Clients will have the opportunity to participate in research, both current and future, and will have the right to decline/withdraw research participation at any stage of the process with no compromise to their clinical care.  

The Interdisciplinary team (IDT) supporting the function of the ISLAND Clinic consists of the following:

  • geriatricians
  • neurologist
  • older persons psychiatrist
  • a GP
  • nurse practitioners
  • a neuropsychologist
  • a psychologist
  • Dementia Australia support and volunteers.

Learning objectives:

At the end of the webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • describe the purpose of the ISLAND Clinic and the clinical care it can provide to Tasmanians with cognitive impairment
  • identify potentially eligible patients for referral to the ISLAND clinic
  • understand appropriate referral criteria and information required, access and use the referral template and relevant Tasmanian HealthPathways.