Alcohol and other drugs

For some people, the consumption of alcohol and other drugs can develop into a chronic, relapsing condition that requires specialist support to overcome.

Primary Health Tasmania has funded a number of organisations to deliver alcohol and other drug treatment services and projects across Tasmania.

Our work in this area is guided by our Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs Program Strategy.

Our commissioned activity

Primary Health Tasmania has commissioned organisations across the state to deliver alcohol and other drug treatment.

You can find out more about these services by searching Our Services Portal.

More than 19% of Tasmanian adults drink alcohol at a rate that can lead to long-term health risk.

Helping Tasmanians overcome substance dependence

Damian Collins from Youth Family and Community Connections Inc. says his team follow a simple mantra for helping Tasmanians overcome substance dependence.

“We often say, ‘our counsellors provide the inspiration and the client brings the perspiration’,” the team leader (L, pictured with colleague David, R) says.

“The client is the expert in their own life and circumstances and without their direction and input, little change will come about.”

Read more about Youth, Family and Community Connections’ alcohol and other drug service in the November 2020 issue of Primary Health Matters magazine.

Working in partnership

Broadly speaking, our commissioned services and projects fall into two categories: working with the community and working with the sector.

Treatment interventions are available for the Tasmanian community to provide screening, counselling, case management and more.

Within the sector, we have supported initiatives such as boosting the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people qualified to work in the field and supporting the development of a state-based framework to support the planning, funding, and delivery of local alcohol and other drug services.

We do all this in partnership with Tasmania’s key local body – the Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council Tasmania (ATDC) – and the involvement of individuals with lived experience of substance misuse.

We are also working with the Tasmanian Department of Health on initiatives aimed at improving the delivery of accessible and appropriate alcohol and other drug support, services and education in Tasmania.

Reducing stigma

Primary Health Tasmania has supported the Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council (ATDC) Tasmania to develop a Communications Charter to guide ethical, respectful and responsible communication about alcohol and other drug matters.

How we communicate about alcohol, tobacco and other drug use – and about people who use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs – has the power to reduce stigma, minimise harm, and ultimately encourage people to seek help if they want or need it.

As well as providing funding support for the charter, Primary Health Tasmania is a proud signatory.

The Charter is available on the ATDC website, along with ATDC Image Guidelines.

Primary Health Tasmania has also supported development of a declaration by the ‘Tasmanians of Substance’ collective about the rights of people who use alcohol and other drugs in Tasmania.