How we connect care

All PHNs have a goal of improving the coordination of care so people receive the right care in the right place at the right time.

Elderly people and people with chronic health conditions and disabilities often need a range of services provided by a number of health professionals in a wide variety of locations. These different services, providers and locations can often lead to a fragmented care experience, which negatively impacts on people’s health outcomes and satisfaction with services.

Primary Health Tasmania supports our health system to deliver more connected care by developing resources for service providers and commissioning care coordination services. We also encourage and facilitate collaboration across the system.


Resources and tools we have developed to support connected care include:

  • Shared Transfer of Care resources – supporting good communication and other approaches that allow people to move smoothly between service providers
  • the Tasmanian Health Directory – connecting health professionals with other providers and services
  • Tasmanian HealthPathways – a portal supporting a consistent approach to assessing and managing health conditions, and linking GPs to local specialists and services.


Commissioned services

We commission some services which have a specific care coordination component for people with chronic health conditions.

For more information, search on ‘Chronic conditions – Aboriginal people’ in our Services Portal.


We work with all levels of government plus private service providers, peak bodies and communities to improve connections between the health services available to Tasmanians.

This includes making sure people can simply and smoothly move between services as needed, and making it easier for health professionals to communicate and share information with each other.