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Primary Health Tasmania’s new deprescribing guides, videos and other resources

Posted on May 30, 2019

Primary Health Tasmania has launched a new suite of deprescribing resources for local health practitioners.

The resources include:

•    a series of downloadable or printable guides covering the following medications:
o    allopurinol
o    antihyperglycaemic agents
o    antihypertensive agents
o    antipsychotics
o    aspirin
o    benzodiazepines
o    biphosphonates
o    cholinesterase inhibitors
o    glaucoma eye drops
o    non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)
o    opioids
o    proton pump inhibitors
o    statins
o    vitamin D and calcium

•    a series of short educational videos 
•    a podcast discussing how to undertake deprescribing with patients.

Each guide discusses efficacy, adverse effects, and a recommended deprescribing strategy.  A summary resource covers the principles of deprescribing as well as the assessment of benefit versus harm, withdrawal and recurrence issues, and consumer and GP perceptions of the process.

Click here to access the videos and podcast, and here to find the updated guides.