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Medication management – deprescribing

Deprescribing fact sheet

An overview of deprescribing principles and research, and the deprescribing approach.

Deprescribing guides

These guides outline recommended deprescribing strategies for a range of commonly used medicines, where ongoing use  is not appropriate.

They have been revised and updated by geriatrician Dr David Dunbabin, GP Dr Amanda Lo and pharmacist Dr Peter Tenni.

A summary resource covers the principles of deprescribing as well as the assessment of benefit versus harm, withdrawal and recurrence issues, and consumer and GP perceptions of the process.

Deprescribing consumer resources

A consumer-focused brochure and card are available to support a conversation about deprescribing.

Deprescribing videos

Primary Health Tasmania has also produced a series of short videos featuring discussion between geriatrician Dr David Dunbabin, GP Dr Amanda Lo, and consultant pharmacist Dr Peter Tenni about the deprescribing cycle.

Go to this page to watch the videos.