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Find a balance between managing your health, and complying with coronavirus rules

Posted on April 9, 2020

At the moment, Tasmanians are rightly focused on reducing the risk and spread of coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) across the state.

But even when the pandemic response is underway, it’s important to remember to look after your overall health – especially if you are living with a chronic health condition.

It’s all about finding a balance, in the interests of staying healthy and well.

“Your health is important, and your GP and the rest of your care team are still there for you – even if things are done a bit differently at the moment,” Primary Health Tasmania chief executive Phil Edmondson says.

“The last thing we want is Tasmanians putting off contacting their usual care provider if they’re feeling sick, or have a health condition that needs ongoing care.

“And if you’re not sure if you should leave the house, just pick up the phone and ask.”

Rules about leaving home during the coronavirus should be observed, but it’s important to remember that face-to-face healthcare appointments are still available and necessary in some instances.

New, nationwide changes to how general practices and other healthcare providers provide appointments, namely via telehealth, also came into effect in late March.

Telehealth may sound dauntingly high-tech – don’t worry. If it is the best option, your provider will be able to step you through it.

“It’s all about staying safe by following the new rules to slow the spread of coronavirus, while not neglecting your general health at the same time,” Mr Edmondson says.

“Find the balance, and keep safe and well.”

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