is a portal developed by Primary Health Tasmania to assist in the collection of Person-Reported Experience Measures (PREMs)

How does it work? has two interfaces – what the service provider sees and what the consumer sees.

Once set up, a provider has access to their own area within the portal and can customise the welcome message as well as adding their logo and social media links.

A QR code and weblink unique to the organisation is provided for use in promoting the portal to service users.

When people complete the questionnaire, the data is displayed in real time on a dashboard and available to export.

A range of guidance material is embedded within the portal and updated over time.

What does the service user see?

Once the service user enters the portal via the weblink or QR code, they land on the welcome page.

They are then asked a set of questions from the Consultation and Relational Empathy (CARE) Measure, along with some basic demographic questions.

When they get to the end of the questions, there’s an option to link to the service provider’s website and social media pages.

Want to start using

If you’re a provider of primary healthcare services in Tasmania and you’re interested in using, please send us a message and we’ll get in touch.