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Shared Transfer of Care – videos

Connecting care, Shared transfer of care

These videos provide additional perspectives and case examples to support the implementation of shared transfer of care.

Sharing Points videos

Check out the Sharing Points videos to hear how providers and consumers understand quality shared transfer of care:

What is good person-centred care?

What is good shared accountability?

What is good shared documentation?

What is good coordination of care?

What is good shared communication?

Transfer of care – key messages

Training videos

Throughout the Facilitator’s Guide to Shared Transfer of Careyou will find links to videos associated with each module. You’ll find download links or YouTube links to these videos below. You can also download our video resource guide to see video descriptions and how each video maps onto the Facilitator’s Guide.

Note: These videos feature actors, but the scenarios depicted are inspired by real-life stories in Tasmania. All names have been changed.

Video resource guide

1.1 Community nurse, Mary and GP

1.2 Paramedic and hospital nurse

1.3 Hospital registrar and GP

1.4 Physiotherapist, community nurse and Mary

1.5 Mary and locum GP

1.6 Community nurse and GP

1.7 Aged care nurse and physiotherapist

1.8 Aged care nurse and GP

1.9 Pharmacist and GP

1.10 Aged care nurse and Mary’s daughter

2.1 GP and community pharmacist

2.2 Podiatrist and locum GP

2.3 Community nurse and Bill

2.4 GP and paramedic

2.5 Paramedic and hospital nurse

2.6 Hospital nurse and Madge

2.7 Pharmacist, Madge and Bill

2.8 Aged care assessment tea, Madge and Bill

2.9 GP and Bill