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Moving on Up Framework and resources

Moving on Up is a practical framework to support the transition of young Tasmanians with chronic conditions to adult care.

It aims to provide health professionals, parents, carers and patients with easy-to-follow guidelines for a safe transition of care, from birth to young adulthood.

The resources listed here are:

  • Moving on Up Framework – including methodology, transition stages, care components and consideration for specific groups
  • Moving on Up Framework summary – an A3 chart outlining the key aspects of the Moving on UP Framework
  • Moving on Up key transition stages – an A4 chart outlining the key transition stages of theĀ Moving on UP Framework
  • Moving on Up checklists and care plan – a series of practical checklists for clinicians, parents/carers and patients, comprising:
    1. Healthcare skills check for young adolescents
    2. Healthcare skills review for older adolescents, stages 5-6
    3. Checklist for young people moving to adult health care
    4. Checklist for families to support move to adult health care
    5. Checklist for families of dependent young people
    6. Clinician checklist to support move to adult health care
    7. Transition care plan

For more information aboutĀ Moving on Up, send us a message or call us on 1300 653 169.